Electricity networks with substations and detailed infrastructure

The power grid


On the map of the interconnected network for delivering electricity, we represent the global infrastructure of the power grids from high to low voltage with transformer stations, as well as producing power plants - all based on OSM data. The elements can be visualized individually on a fold-out selection bar to the left of the map.

Many of the substations are presented with detailed infrastructure such as power transformers, busbars, breakers and circuit breakers.

The individual grids are displayed descending depending on their voltage ranges in a scale change. The more you zoom into the map, the more details are visible.

The following subdivisions in different colors are switchable:

  • Maximum voltage range, 7 ratings, shades of red
    220k .. 765k
  • High-voltage range, 3 ratings, shades of yellow
    50k.. 115k
  • Medium-voltage range, 3 ratings, shades of green
    3k .. 30k
  • Low-voltage range, 2 ratings, shades of purple
    200 .. 500
  • DC voltage range, 2 ratings, shades of pink
    <80k, ≥80k
  • Other power lines, blue
    mostly without voltage specification

Remember clippings and share them


You can save map sections with the bookmark function of your browser. Here, the map section and all selected POIs and geometries are stored.

You can also easily copy and save the current browser line (URL). The link thus produced can be send to someone. After clicking on this Link the map will open then as you have set it with the switchable POIs.

Change and supplement data

Clicking the right mouse button on the map opens a context menu. From this menu, you can select an editor for OSM, where then the selected map section is opened for editing.
To edit you need a benevolent OSM account, you can create at any time for free.

By using the menu, it is also possible to display an aerial view of the current section.